About me

I believe you can write things with movement that would not be possible with

a pen. The wisdom of our body will always speak the truth if we just take time to listen.

Andrea Nundy-Malá B.A (Hons), PG Dip,  M.A RDMP,  ČAP

Registered Psychotherapist, Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Lecturer

Originally from London, I have been living in the Czech Republic for the last 12 years.  I am a qualified movement psychotherapist registered with ADMP UK the Association  of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK, and a psychotherapist registered with ČAP the Czech Association of Psychotherapy.  I have 18 years of clinical experience with a range of clients from those in everyday need with difficult life problems to people with addictions, depression, trauma,  and the issues that arise from relocating to another country.

My private practice is based in the centre of Prague where I see clients for individual sessions of both verbal and movement psychotherapy. I also work online, where I see clients from the UK and expats living across Europe, via Zoom or VSee. Lastly I work as a psychotherapist for a private healthcare clinic in Prague which specialises in psychosomatic medicine with a focus on foreigners who have relocated.


  • Expatriates and the re-location of one’s self into a new country
  • Psychosomatic issues
  • Difficult Life Situations
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Recovery from Domestic Abuse
  • Trauma
  • Identity
  • Personal Development

I have 14 years experience teaching in the field of dance movement psychotherapy across Europe, with a specialisation in developmental psychotherapy in relation to the body and movement. I have had the opportunity to lecture in some beautiful cities; London, Edinburgh, Riga, and Bucharest, and continue to lecture on the Croatian DMP training program. In 2014 my colleague and I opened our 4.5 year DMT (DMP), training program in Prague, with a wonderful international team. It is now in it’s 2nd cohurt.

I am an academic supervisor to students who wish to focus their thesis on the study of DMP at Palacký University Olomouc in the Czech Republic and I am a supervisor for students within DMP training programs.

I adhere to the code of ethics set out by ADMP UK and ČAP, I am an active member of the international group of  ČAP; The Czech Association of Psychotherapy, who work with foreigners living in the Czech Republic.