What I offer

Individual Therapy Sessions 

Are client focused and this may include; psychosomatic illnesses / pain, relational and attachment issues, acclimatization to environment/lifestyle or country and self-development.

Sessions are in English language.

I am not working under healthcare but private practice, so for information about sessions please contact me via email on: maladmp@gmail.com

Group Sessions

Short term therapy groups; 12 weeks
Long term therapy groups; on-going

Short term focused themed group; 8 weeks (exploring a specific theme such as the expression of anger in movement).

Lectures and workshops

You can book lectures and workshops connected to DMP and the body in psychotherapy. Themes can be adjusted to your needs, the specialization is; ‘Attachment Theory and DMP’, ‘Object Relations and DMP’, ‘Social and Cultural differences in the Body’

For more information please contact me via email on: maladmp@gmail.com