Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live’

 I have a love of people’s stories and the non-verbal dimension of their tales. My belief is that our movement and body sensations are just as important as our words. Our bodies hold within them a memory of everything we have ever lived through. Especially when there has been developmental wounds, attachment challenges, or traumatic experiences, I have found that working with the body – alongside verbal expression – to be an effective way to gain insights to our problems and offer a new perspective. 

For some people starting psychotherapy is a big step, sometimes a scary one. I respect and value anyone who takes this step towards exploring themselves, their past experiences and current realities. I believe psychotherapy can help people who are experiencing a crisis or more long term emotional, relational or cognitive, somatic issues. But it can also be a support for those who would like to develop themselves, get to know themselves a bit better, or just find ways in which to make better choices and feel good about life.

My role is to create a safe and supportive space where people can talk, and move is they wish,  openly and honestly without feeling  judged. I see the work as a path to be taken whereby I bring my metaphorical  lantern to help you see and my mirror to help you reflect. 

Clients may come with a clear aim of what they would like to work on, others not, both is fine. In the work when words are not enough, and if the moment feels right movement can begin. This may be an extension of the verbal expression or an exploration of a feeling, thought or image through movement. Whichever direction the work takes I will be there to support you, provide a safe and confidential space and onward referral if necessary.