About me

I believe you can write things with movement that would not be possible with

a pen. The wisdom of our body will always speak the truth if we just take time to listen.

Andrea Nundy-Malá B.A (Hons), PG Dip,  M.A RDMP

UK Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Lecturer

I am British Dance Movement Psychotherapist and lecturer living and working in Prague, The Czech Republic. Originally I trained as dancer at the Laban Center for Movement and Dance and was lucky to perform professionally for a number of years before my body said ‘enough’, through a series of injuries.  Changing directions I went on to study an M.A in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at Roehamption University London where I discovered a whole new way of moving that was authentically me alongside a deeper expression for my thoughts and feelings. This fascination has led me to continuously develop my understanding and practice about the wholeness of who we are and how we experience ourselves in our worlds.

I have 15 years experience of DMP across many different client groups and training programs. A large focus of my work in the U.K was working within a prison system with issues of addiction and self harm. Plus DMP groups for women and children who experienced domestic abuse, which resulted in the creation of a DMP outreach program for children at risk of abuse or neglect in South East, England.

Since moving to Prague my client work has been focused on DMP with groups and individuals who are experiencing psychosomatic illnesses, and expatriates / immigrants who are adjusting to life in another country. This has extended into private practice where I see many clients who are in need of support for various reasons such as; relationship issues, feeling depressed/stressed, experiencing low self-esteem, feeling stuck/overwhelmed with their current reality or family situation.

For the last 11 years I have been teaching DMP through workshops and on training programs across Europe in wonderful places such as; Edinburgh, Latvia, Croatia, Bucharest and the Czech Republic. In 2014 my colleague and I opened our 4 year DMT (DMP), training program in Prague, with a wonderful international team.

I am a registered member of ADMP in the U.K (The Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy) and adhere to their codes of practice as a practitioner. I am also a member of TANTER (The Czech Association for Dance Therapy). I am an active advocate for high quality accredited training programs that comply with the guidelines of EADMP, (European Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy) ADMP Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy) , ADTA (American Association of Dance Therapy).